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Welcome to The Lorry I. Lokey City Campus in Downtown Haifa

Location of the Lorry I. Lokey City Campus


Location, Location, Location


Lorry I Lokey

“This gift is an affirmation of the University’s mission to improve access to education and bring more jobs, stability, and security to northern Israel by establishing a downtown campus.

I invite others to join me in transforming what is becoming one of Israel’s most important universities.”

- Lorry Lokey, Founder and CEO/ Chairman Emeritus of Business Wire


Mr. Lorry Lokey is the Founder and CEO/Chairman Emeritus of Business Wire, lover of science,
staunch friend of the State of Israel, and a very generous man. He has built a thriving media
relations empire, and served on several business and educational boards including: The Stanford
Daily; Temple Beth El, San Mateo; the Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Belmont, and as trustee
for the Leo Baeck School in Haifa. Mr. Lokey is widely recognized for his achievements in the field of
journalism, as well as his civic and philanthropic endeavors, giving nearly $800 million to educational
programs in schools and colleges in the United States and Israel. His generous gift of over $10 million
to the University of Haifa will support the construction of a new city campus centered in the city’s
downtown area.


Prof. Ron Robin

“Universities and cities benefit from a symbiotic relationship. In merging academia, biomedical research and high technology, the Lorry I. Lokey City Campus will attract thousands of new students, who will become an integral part of the unique climate of downtown Haifa. We thank Lorry Lokey for his generosity and support that will enable us to open up greater opportunities to our faculty, students and graduates, and contribute to the economic growth of northern Israel.” President Ron Robin




“The opening of a Data Science campus in Haifa’s business center is a major milestone for the city of Haifa. The presence of a large student population will breathe vibrant life and color to the area. I applaud the tremendous resources and efforts invested by the University of Haifa to combine the right formula of quality academia, social integration, and contribution to the regional development and the State of Israel.”
MK Naftali Bennett Minister of Education


Erel Margalit


“We look forward to partnering with the University of Haifa in bringing together academia, high-tech knowledge and entre- preneurial initiatives in Haifa’s port area, which is evolving into the city’s central business center.” – Dr. Erel Margalit Founder and Chairman of Jerusalem Venture Partnership (JVP), and initiator of the Israel Initiative ii2020 and of the new Digital Health Complex in Haifa



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