Student Profile: Ravit Avram

Understanding the Unique Strengths of ASD Learners

Ravit Avram, MEd

Ravit Avram has been working with children with autism spectrum disorder for over twenty years. She currently supervises a team of Special Ed teachers in the integration process of students with ASD into the regular education system. Two years ago, she decided to “give herself a gift” and enrolled in a master’s program specializing in Autism and developmental disabilities in children.
“With three adolescents of my own, balancing my studies with work and family life was a challenge – but well worth the efforts,” she noted. What began as a gift to herself has evolved into a long-lasting contribution to our understanding of the unique strengths of ASD learners.
“Our findings showed that contrary to previously held assumptions about ASD learning styles, ASD learners exhibit similar perceptual processes as normative learners of the same age in sensitivity to optical illusions and in the grouping of shapes or objects that are close to one another (grouping by proximity),” explains Ravit.

“These important insights will help Special Ed teachers expand their teaching and assessment ‘toolkit’, improve their abilities to meet their students’ diverse learning needs, and assist their students to enter into the workforce as independent adults.”
Ravit’s graduate thesis, under the direction of Dr. Batsheba Hadad, was published in the scientific journal Autism Research. She also received the Dean of Graduate Studies Prize for Outstanding Thesis.

Ravit has already been accepted to a PhD program in the Department and has a new thesis in mind. “I feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity to make my dreams become a reality.”

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