Student Profile: Dorin Asis

Combining Medical Research and Student Advocacy

Dorin Asis, MSc student
With a natural talent for dance and a degree in broadcast journalism, Dorin Asis could have pursued any number of career paths. “I have always felt a strong pull towards helping people and contributing to a healthier world. I realized that medicine is my calling.”
Dorin completed her BSc in Medical Sciences with honors at the University of Haifa, and is now a master’s student in the accelerated track in biology and medical sciences. “One of the reasons I chose UofH was the possibility of studying with Prof. Sarit Larisch,” confides Dorin. “Today, I work in her laboratory where we are investigating the molecular mechanisms of programmed cell death in novel protein. The work is exciting and the research shows real promise for targeted cancer therapy.”

In addition to her rigorous academic course load, Dorin has taken on a number of student advocacy roles at the University. As a first year student, she joined the Student Association and served as a student representative.
She is currently a member of the University Senate, Board of Governors, and Executive Committee.

Dorin also co-heads the Committee for Laboratory Science Scholarships.



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