Introducing SEAERRA Underwater Vision Start-up

Carmel Innovations Fund II
invests in Underwater-Vision Startup


Intelligent cameras developed at the University of Haifa are
simplifying the recovery of images taken underwater or in
conditions of poor visibility with far-reaching applications
from deep-sea exploration to autonomous vehicles.


Images taken underwater and in foggy environments have low color and contrast due to scattered light. Dr. Tali Treibitz, Head of the Marine Imaging Lab at the Hatter Department of Marine Technologies, is leading a research team developing technologies to recover visibility in these images.


SEAERRA Vision image sample
“Pictures acquired underwater are affected by the distance of the object from the camera, and the optical properties of the medium, making it difficult to restore the colors without prior knowledge about the scene and the medium,” explains Dr. Treibitz. “Our physics-based methods accurately reconstruct the captured scene in real time, producing a sharp and high-resolution color image. The process is fully automatic and applies novel algorithms.”



Underwater imaging is widely used in multiple types of marine operations, from scientific research to commercial and recreational purposes, and are often obtained using cameras mounted on underwater vehicles.



“SEAERRA is providing a technology with simple hardware based on intelligent solutions that require minimal input,” adds Dr. Treibitz. “Using our novel algorithms and standard photography equipment, we are now able to produce clearer images taken underwater and in foggy environments.”



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